Getting ready for the day of Arafah!


I am up waiting for suhoor and busy getting it all ready for the day of Arafah today! So the children will walk into a room with plenty of fun and learning all set up! Why? Because building positive associations with family festivals is important for helping to build self esteem and identity. The main feature for them is the crafts table all set up including the following:

– Eid card and banner activity,

– ‘Dua list’ card activity to use as a reminder when making special prayers between Asr and Magrib.

– Craft supplies to make our own decorations!

– We also have various cake decorating goals including decorating cupcakes for iftar tonight and toasting marshmallows and sandwiching them in chocolate biscuits for another yummy Iftar/Eid treat!


We have made a wall display with various childrens’ books about Allah. This includes an activity prompt list which the children can read and choose an activity from. The learning Wall display is shown in the photo above. (The prompt list also includes a practical  reminder for the children to help prepare their Eid clothes and their bath before attending Eid salah tomorrow!).


And we have made a great start on our wall display of Makkah and Medina! Full of angels, sparkles and delight! No doubt the children will make more wonderful things to add to this during the day of Arafah!


#hajj #Arafah #homeschooling #HajjCrafts #EidAlAdha #festivals #Eid


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